Pastor Monnet


Elder Willie L. Monnet, Sr. is the founding Pastor of Smoking for Jesus Ministry originally located in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He is the husband of the Elect Lady Minister Claudette Monnet, father of eight children, 27 grandchildren and spiritual father to many.

He is God’s energetic preacher, dynamic teacher, mentor and friend.  God has given him a very unique style of ministering; whereby it challenges one to live a life of holiness, sanctification and discipleship.


Elder Monnet received the Lord as his Savior in 1976 and began attending First Assembly of God Church where he received his spiritual foundation and training for 13 years.

In 1989,  he moved to Gideon Christian Fellowship under the leadership of Pastor Willie F. Wooten and served as an Elder for 7 years.  He began his call to minister to men in 1990 teaching Sunday school, Men’s Bible study, Wednesday Discipleship class, Intercessory prayer and in-house marriage seminars.

In 1996, God called Pastor Monnet to become the founder and shepherd of Smoking for Jesus Ministry.  God has imparted His wisdom to this visionary to disciple his congregation to live out the Word of God on a daily basis.  He has given Pastor Monnet the tenacity to preach and teach in such a way that it challenges everyone to become strong witnesses to the lost and lights to a dying world.

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